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Cerro Punta is named after a hill with that forms which is the highest point of the village at 2300 meters. The original name Cerro de Punta, original name is credited to the Chiricana poet Caval Beatriz Miranda, who taught grade school in Cerro Punta. In the 1940s in a meeting to choose the name of the town said: "Cerro Punta your name is written in your mountains."
3 Hours
This farm 's history go all the way back to 1911, when this spectacular place was first spotted by who later on, would make it even a greater place. Want to know why Boquete and its Coffee are so famous? Then this tour is for you.
2 Hours
This will take you back, to when you were happy. Actually happy.
5 hours
All Ages+
Welcome to the midlands. Herrera.
8 Hours
Haras Cerro Punta is one of those places that will make it worth wile being away from the city.
1 Hour


Some people go to great lengths to find some of the most interesting orchids. If you are one of them, or someone who enjoys nature, being surrounded by flowers and a hear a babbling brook nearby, this place is for you.
2 Hours

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