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Panama Eco Trips

By placing our country side in the map, we help generate a direct impact on the local community where activities take place.

We promote more than a single visit to the shopping-mall. We dare travelers to take a chance to really know Panama

Whatever your preferences are in terms of traveling, we are committed to providing you with the best Panama has to offer.

We know its not viable to list all attractions in Panama, or maybe we have not heard from one in particular, ask for it here.

About Panama Eco Trips

Our bet in Eco, Green and Sustainable travels in Panama.

It all started when as a couple, we traveled the entire country 4 days a week for over 3 years, often times with no specific direction, looking for places to go, either river-hunting, camping or looking for the perfect place to do some stargazing in summer. We eventually came to the conclusion that Panama had a lot to offer, the main issue being, cool places not being listed anywhere, even on the internet.
There were many times when being among friends, they suggested we should do something about it, until it was too clear, this was an accurate statement.
Our idea is to take advantage of our experience in traveling all over Panama, a lot of times to places so hidden, only true locals know about them, and put this to the service of anyone interested in visiting our beautiful country.

Our focus will then be, not in the fancy crowded places visited 99% of the times, but in the remaining of the country, those places that have that ability to remind you when you were a child, the places that put you in direct contact with nature, to breathe fresh unpolluted air and where you feel you can recharge batteries before returning home.
We strive to provide you with “the local experience” in your trips to Panama.

Featured Trips

Most Popular Adventures We Have

Experience for yourself why these tips are some of the most wanted activities you can experience in Panama. Nice beaches, cold-weather activities and much more....

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