Herrera – We love to see you shine.

Price $144 8 Hours
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Herrera – We love to see you shine.

$144 per person

No matter where you go, every country has a -most of the times- positive internal competition in which, local provinces try to be the most “valuable” sources of goods, services, etc.

This is the case of Herrera and Chiriqui, welcome to our local drama.

Herrera and Chiriqui have -according to most visitors- the most beautiful women in Panama. I personally have to say, they may e right 🙂

All that aside, Herrera has a lot to offer, I mean a lot. This time we will focus on some ago-tourism trips that might spike your interest.

The Montuoso Natural Rain forest.

Check out the “Tour Plan” for further details on this tour.

Again, should you need any assistance we are happy to assist you.


  • Departure
    Chitre, Herrera. (Riba Smith SuperMarket)
  • Departure Time
    8:00 AM
  • Return Time
    4:00 PM
  • Dress Code
    Dress Comfortably.
  • Included
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    Beer / Soda / Water
    Boat Ride
    Fish Cooler
    Fishing Gear
    Open Te / Coffee
    Photo Pack
    Scuba Diving Gear
    Snorkel Gear
    Typical Souvenir
8:00 AM - Departure
You will be picked up at the "Riba Smith" supermarket in Chitre, where you will ride for approximately 1.5 hours to "Las Minas" Herrera.
9:30 AM Arrival at Las Minas
Upon arrival , you will be literally in the middle of the forest. There, you will "switch: to a 4x4 (all wheel drive) car that will take you the rest of the way in.
10:30 AM - The Forest
Once in the forest, you will learn about the local flora/fauna, taken to a small river/waterfall, lake. Here you will be able to swim for a little while. The river "La Villa" is the main river in this province, you will learn where it comes to live.
2:00 PM Lunch Time
No mater where you are from. Having a "home-made" lunch in Panama is something else. This is what awaits for you. On a local home, you will be server lunch, just as locals do. After you are done with your lunch, you will be heading back to Chitre.
4:00 PM ish...
Back in Chitre, this marks the end of your tour.
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